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Custom Presets by @Kohki

Thank you for taking an interest in my Lightroom presets.

If you want to take your photos to the next level, whether for your professional portfolio, Instagram, or even personal use, these preset packs will help you achieve your goals!

The preset packs are carefully crafted to suit various situations, and they can be used in all of your photos

just like I use them for all my photos.

Signature Preset Pack

Signature Preset Pack


Click Here For Before/After


Signature Preset Pack by @Kohki

*These presets are for both Lightroom classic and Lightroom (for your mobile).



-9 Presets

-Installation guide


"The quality of the images we capture is paramount, yet the transformation they undergo through editing is crucial in realizing your envisioned outcome. Narrating a compelling story through a single image is a challenging endeavor. However, with the appropriate tools and guidance, it becomes remarkably attainable. Hence, after meticulous crafting over the years, I take great pride in introducing my carefully curated presets.


These presets, designed for Lightroom, are digital enhancements for your photographs. It's important to note that slight adjustments might be necessary as each photo differs in lighting, tone, and environment. To maximize the effectiveness of these presets, I recommend utilizing similar photographs to those showcased in the 'before and after' examples provided."

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