By Kohki Yamaguchi

I’ve been doing photography as a profession for years now and I’m a little shamed to say that I have never printed my own work purely for myself and others who appreciate it.

My work doesn’t exist physically in this world. It just exists as a pixel in the digital world, shared, just to be double tapped and left deep within the digital archives.


The reason why I’ve never done any professional prints is because I didn’t want to commit to an image I took,

since I learn and evolve every day. It is difficult to stand by a single image and own it, especially as a perfectionist.

I also never had the kind of money to invest in professional prints.

But this is just an excuse. 


They say that taking a image and uploading it online is only half of the work. This is why I’ve decided to take the time to dive deeper into the art of printing.

With that said, I am honored to be able to share my fully completed work for the first time ever, and to finally have it in your hands for you

to experience and appreciate them, as much as I do.

Made in Japan