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Enhance your photos with my portrait LR presets!

This preset will work well on most of your photos. This is the exact preset I have used for majority of my photos you see on my instagram.

Why buy my preset?

“Whether you are a professional or a starting up photographer who wants to create simple yet stylish portrait photos, this preset pack has everything you need. It covers daytime, golden light and night time neon presets that everyone is crazy about! I have been asked how I edit my portrait photos throughout the years so I am very excited to share with you all my very own portrait presets.”

Additional information

Port K01

Note: This is a lightroom preset, a digital product, to enhance your photos. The lightroom preset may need a few minor adjustments as every photo is different in lighting, tone, environment.

Please also note that the skin retouching does not apply.

To help achieve the most out of the presets, please use a similar photo to what I have shown in the before after.

*The preset pack includes 8 presets.

Port K02
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Port R01
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Port R02
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Port R03
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Port N01
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Port N02
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Port N03