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Autumn Faded Preset Pack for Lightroom.


*As these presets can be importred to the Lightroom app and not just the Lightroom Classic, you will be able to import them to your Lightroom Mobile app and use it on your mobile!"


“This is a Autumn themed preset pack with a fine toned color adjustments and vibes that match the autumn season and colors. The presets are all made so that all you need to change is the exposure setting."


Note: This is a lightroom preset, a digital product, to enhance your photos. The lightroom preset may need a few minor adjustments as every photo is different in lighting, tone, environment.

To help achieve the most out of the presets, please use a similar photo to what I have shown in the before after.

*Before/After can be seen on Instagram highlights @kohki or on my website

Autumn Faded Preset Pack

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